Home Theater:

What is home theater?

A home theater is a combination of equipment to allow you to enjoy the cinema experience in your home. It consists of a combination of equipment to reproduce a movie and its original soundtrack. Every home theater installed by EE is custom designed to your specifications.

To begin our design, you as the customer will have to answer several questions:
1. Which room will serve as the theater? Will it be a dedicated room, or will is serve double duty, such as a family room?
2. What is your Budget? Equipment costs can vary wildly, so setting a concrete budget is absolutely necessary. We can design a system to meet any budget, and can often use some of your existing components. However, since we spec. the equipment, and have weeded out overpriced underperformed equipment, then Yes, larger budget equals better product.

The Components:

1. Monitor. Rear Projection, DLP, Plasma, or Front Projector
2. AVR. Audio/Video Receiver. We offer a number of Harmon Kardon AVR’s.
3. DVD, CD, and VCR players. We offer players from Harmon Kardon and JVC.
4. Cables. Your system is dependant upon a high quality signal reaching each component. All of our systems use a high quality cable from Audioplex as standard or are upgraded to Monster Cable.
5. Cable TV or Satellite box. Provided by customer.
6. Speakers. Speaker placement and selection are by far the biggest variable in a home theater design. For starters, placement is foremost concern. Placement must consider room dimensions, furniture layout, windows and openings, and floor and wall coverings. To generalize, good quality speakers properly placed will outperform much higher quality speakers improperly placed. EE will locate speakers based on room construction and sound engineering principles. We provide high quality speakers from ABS and Jamo to include:
A. Flush in-wall
B. Surface/ Small Bookshelf
C. Bookshelf
D. Floorstanding
E. Powered Subwoofer
F. Outdoor
G. Flush Ceiling (only used for whole house audio)

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