New Home Wiring

Prior to wiring your new home, you should schedule a walk- through with either EE or your builder if you have interest in any of the following:

I. Lighting
Enhance your home with a combination lighting styles, including:
Line Voltage Recessed Lighting
Low voltage MR16 recessed lighting
Under-Cabinet Lighting
Wall Sconces
Pendant Lighting
Cove Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Closet Lighting

**Supplement your lighting with a Lighting Control package to create a perfect environment.**

Cable and Satellite TV and Telephone
You will want to choose locations for Telephone and Cable TV (CATV) jacks. It is far easier to install jacks during the rough-in stage than after the fact. Remember too that most broadband internet service requires a CATV jack for the internet connection. Additionally, you may want to consider networking your home to allow computers to share the broadband internet connection. EE uses RG-6Q Quadshield cable for all CATV and Satellite TV jacks, and Category 5 cable for all telephone jacks. This is the highest quality cable for the application. Every jack is “home run”.
Alarm Systems
Protect you home or business with a combination burglar or fire alarm system.

Networking   view
Share internet connection, printer, etc. by creating a home network.

Home Theater   view
Enjoy the cinema experience in your home.

Whole House Audio   view
Listen to music in any room of your home

Central Vacuum System
Make life easier by installing a central cleaning system.


Low Voltage MR16 Recessed Lighting - Click thumbnail to see larger photo